Argentina: Intense Heat Affects Polar Bear In Captivity

Watch the video: We Are Global Voices!

The general population has not been indifferent and want the bear to be in conditions that allow him to endure the high temperatures. There is already a precedent in Argentina, when polar bear Winner died [es] due to the high temperatures that are experienced during the summer months. Arturo is the only polar bear in Argentina. On his blog, Marcos Abarza Baumann [es] writes [es] about the conditions in which the bear is currently living: Las condiciones en las que vive el oso Arturo en el zoologico provincial de Mendoza son deplorables y sin embargo no dejan de indignarnos cada dia mas: Ahora circula en YouTube un video en el que se puede ver como los empleados del Zoo utilizan mangueras para refrescar al animal que sigue viviendo en el mismo recinto mientras terminan de construir uno nuevo. LE TIRAN AGUA A UN ANIMAL QUE VIVE EN EL HIELOPARA IMITAR LAS TEMPERATURAS BAJO CERO. Esto parece un chiste pero no lo es, fijate: The conditions that Arturo the bear is living in at Mendoza’s zoo are deplorable, yet they continue to outrage us even more everyday: There is now a video going around on YouTube that showsthe zoo employees using hoses to refresh the animal that is still living in the same enclosure while they finish building a new one. THEY THROW WATER ON AN ANIMAL THAT LIVES IN THE ICETO IMITATE BELOW-FREEZING TEMPERATURES. This seems like a joke but it’s not, look: This video was published on YouTube by Julieta Godoy .
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